As the team we have prepared for you, there are more than one mode on our pvp server. These are normal mode, crazy mode, team mode and tournament mode. You can get different Agario private server experiences while playing these modes. There's really not much you need to do while playing normal mode. With this mod, you are a player fighting for yourself. Anyone can eat you. In this case, you have to be the greatest so that others do not come and beat you constantly. All you have to do to be the biggest is to eat a small one all the time. Don't feel sorry for the little guys. Remember, you are constantly fighting for yourself in normal mode. You don't have this fashion friend. In general, players playing the normal mode are looking for a team. Rather than looking for a team, they look for someone who can trust and nurture them, who usually continue to feed the player who threw some W to them, assuming that the player who fed them was a friend. Do not trust anyone in this mode so that your friends who let you down later do not eat you. Another mode of ours is the crazy mode. This mode is a little more colorful and faster. In this mode, you will taste the passion of speed while playing agario and you will have an impartial enjoyment with colorful bubbles. Unlike the normal mode, small bubbles escape a little faster in this mode. Chasing them is a bit more difficult because only players as small as them can keep up with their speed. As AgarioOyna.Com.TR team, another mode that you may like is team. As we told you above, you can only rely on your own teams here. There are three teams. Green Blue and Red. Whatever color you are, you can only feed and help the players in that team. Eating other color balloons is your only goal here. Attack guys, don't stop. Our last mode is Tournament Mode. All you have to do in this mode is to unite 10 people and become a whole. After ten people unite, play Agario play starts and a struggle begins. The last player standing is the one who has eaten everyone and will be the winner of the game. There are approximately twenty to twenty-five large extra bubbles in the game. These bubbles are limited in number and you have to catch them quickly and be bigger than everyone else. We wish you success in all our other mods. Have fun.